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The form the ColLab Platform takes, the spaces it will create, tools it will provide, the networks it will create, in short the kind of Communities we create together will depend on YOUR, our future users’, input.

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About the ColLAB questionnaire
In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, Higher Education teachers and students alike have by necessity become much more familiar with online teaching tools and platforms. In many cases with little preparation or background for this kind of teaching and learning. In this sense, the ColLab project could not be more timely. While ColLab’s Teaching and Learning Community Platform will not specifically be designed for that purpose, we do hope to create a platform where (at least) one of the Communities of Practice we provide a home for will have as its focus the enhancement of online teaching and learning, promoting and developing innovative, student-centred approaches also in a virtual learning environment.

In brief, the idea of ColLab, as its name suggests, is to create an online space where those engaged in teaching and learning, be it in a f2f, virtual or mixed context, can come together as a Community of Practice, or a series of Communities, to interact with colleagues, and indeed anyone interested in enhancing the quality of teaching and learning experiences in the Higher Education Area.

In order to provide our expert technical team with YOUR requisites for functional, cooperative, supportive and creative Communities, we ask you to dedicate some of those most precious resources, your time, reflections and knowledge, to completing the questionnaire which you can find here.