Project Actions

An online space for the higher education teaching community

The ColLab experience provides teachers/professors in Higher Education with an educational resource centre and a space where they can exchange knowledge and experiences and instructional technologies with their peers in various European countries, in order to become better prepared to face the evolving teaching and learning environment in that sector.
Supporting the ColLab experience is web-based platform hosting a suite of innovative teaching resources that will be uploaded by an open-ended community of users and updated continuously, providing also information on, and access to training programmes held at the partner universities, as well as a collaboration space for exchanging opinions and ideas between professors / teachers in higher education from different countries.


Focus on fresh approaches

Innovations in teaching and learning in Higher Education are taking place piecemeal throughout HEIs, with many good practices unrecognized for their quality and potential impact because they are not sufficiently disseminated and shared with colleagues. And more generally, in Europe, we find projects, papers and meetings on this topic, but there is a lack of an online space where these initiatives are brought together in a “teacher centred” environment, i.e. an environment that promotes the improvement of pedagogical practices of faculty in HEIs.

The ColLab initiative is being prepared at a time in the evolution of higher education in Europe when a fresh focus on the approach to teaching, in and around the classroom is called for at a political level (Paris Communiqué 2018) and at the level of practical implementation in Higher education institutions, in particular in times of the current international crises that urgently require innovation and technological support.

The ColLab project and partnership

ColLab is an ERASMUS+ Strategic Partnership project coordinated by the Universidade de Aveiro (Portugal) with the partnership of Università degli studi di Trento (Italy), Technische Universität Hamburg (Germany), Kauno Technologijos Universitetas (Lithuania) and Universitetet i Stavanger (Norway)

Budget: €182.154,00
Funded by: Portuguese National Agency for Erasmus+
Start: 02/12/2019 End: 01/12/2021