Framework of teaching and learning innovations: a sample of European universities

In recent years we have witnessed a growing concern with the need to provide faculty with the tools and approaches they require in rapidly changing learning environments, never more so than now, mid-crisis, the Spring of 2020. As a result of this growing concern, numerous initiatives have been put into place at HEIs worldwide, particularly in the Europe and the industrialised countries, calling for specific competences that enable HEIs to set up sustainable models that guarantee the continuous improvement of teaching and the response to millennials alumni profiles arriving at universities. The work will involve the collection of data about the state of the art of the programmes and tools put in place, focusing mainly on the work of the Partner institutions of this project but providing also examples of viable solutions available elsewhere in Europe and around the world.

This output is essentially a report based on a survey carried out to gather information about existing collaborative forums for teachers in Higher Education institutions in our Network, with references to other “communities of practice” (to be defined) in place in Europe and around the world that provide educational resources, faculty development programmes, technological support structures, IT tools, sharing of experiences and other services and tools that help teachers in higher education become better at their work in developing competences in their students.

You can download the full report here.